Young Guy spent much of his time perfecting the finer points of pencils, erasers, crayons, and how not to use them on his bedroom walls, when a third discovery claimed his attention. Baseball! Which didn't work out. It seems that after putting in several seasons with the Yankees, all he really had to show for it was a very small black & white tee shirt and cap.
Guy Porfirio discovered at a very early age just how much fun drawing was. Then, just when life couldn't possibly get any better, the concept of reading came into his life. These two important discoveries led Guy to the only possible conclusion one could make at the age of 5... when's lunch? Drawing and reading make a person hungry.
Guy knew there had to be more out there than just tee shirts and caps, so he went back to his drawing with renewed vigor. "If I draw it, they will hang it on their walls," became his mantra, and soon the refrigerator door was covered with original drawings by Guy Porfirio. It was a very cool one-Guy show!
Spurred on through the years by his many successes and refrigerator art showings, Guy enrolled in the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Upon graduating, Guy landed his first real art job as an apprentice illustrator, then went on to a short stint with a second Chicago ad agency before deciding to become a freelance illustrator. This, of course, led him right back to his first two life discoveries-drawing and reading, or in this case, drawing and writing.
Guy has illustrated over 18 picture books. Grandpa’s Little One was #3 on the New York Times Best Selling Children’s Books, and Junk Man’s Daughter was featured in the Bank Street College of Education’s Best Children’s Books of the Year list in 2007.

Guy is author and illustrator of his latest release, Jump! , a story about a clever cactus with plenty of spine and a great sense of adventure. It’s a story that’ll get stuck in your craw… Really!
The above drawing now resides in Guy's home office along with plenty of his kids' early artwork.

To the right: Guy makes it a point to read everything he writes. Here he is well into the 8th printing of Jump!