Guy’s author presentations are between 45 to 50 minutes in length, depending on the school, or organization's schedule. Guy uses his latest book "Jump!" to show the creative process, beginning with the initial book idea to the final manuscript and paintings. He’ll also read the book to further highlight the important elements that help define the story and move it along. It’s really a fun presentation. Guy makes sure to tailor his presentations specifically to each age group.
Guy's Author Visits
He’ll talk, draw, show a power point presentation of his book in various stages of completion. His video presentations highlight book projects and the painting progresson from start to finish. Time permitting, a short question and answer session can be held.
Equipment Required
• A digital projector, screen, microphone (if speaking to a large group), and sound system that can be used with the digital projector and microphone.

• A white board, or access to a chalkboard.

• A cart or table to set up laptop and equipment.
Contact Guy for presentation schedules, rates and availability.
Book Orders
Books can be pre-ordered prior to Guy's author visit date. Guy will email a book order form for book purchases and he will autograph the pre-ordered books and present them on the day of his author visit.

Book orders need to be received at least two weeks in advance of Guy's author visit to ensure book availability.
Author Visit Info